Monday, 10 March 2014

Work In Progress

After some virtual absence (due to my entirely debauched and corrupt character), a short sneak preview of my work bench. Many meneken running around...

The whole production line plus a HMS Neptune without rigging
I could‘t resist to start on the Perry's Grenadiers – mutilated them and...

the 5th fusiliers on original 70ies tea box
I also need to pile up my Renaissance French; so I dived into Foundry and fished out some of them ...

some Foundry Swiss

another Swiss

aaand some more Swiss
I swear, I was forced at gunpoint to purchase these 6mm, aach 2mm ACW minis. They are so small, every time I want to paint them I have to drink enough Met until I see Albarich from the Nibelungen.

ups some ACW washed too hot
but in-between I get back to my AWI 28mm not to get totally blind.

again the 5th Regt. Fusiliers with their 'Goslin Green' facings


  1. If not smaller!!! - I think they are Pendrakens 10mm, Jack ordered them for me.