Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Battle at Creeky Mill

"Colonnel, here is an order from the General!"
"Ah, thanks, I was waiting for that." (The Officer opens the letter)
"Aaand, what are his orders?"
"Hrm ... "
"Come on, speak up, we don‘t have all day!"
"Now Captain, what does the General wants us to do?"
"I have no clue what so ever. Looks like ant shit to me."

How much bad luck can a General bear? And how many bears want to know?

The Eve of Battle preparation game went very well for me, but the the start of this battle made all unravel. First, my river was going ALL accross my field and then, ALL of the buildings were on the other side. Huzzah!

Paul started the battle and made some progress, while I was desperately trying to get my troops over the water. He had again more guns than me, so I hoped to get somewhere before the rain stops.
AND on the second turn Paul rolled a 1 and the rain stopped.

We got into a little Cavalry fight (as Paul can‘t resist) but which was pretty much undeceive, while his sneaky Natives tried to get into my flank or even further.

AND then I rolled a BLUNDER, yeah, dear reader, a  double retreat over the river back AGAIN. While my stubborn Hessians couldn't find a crossing, the got even confused by the sight of a normal bridge.

You don‘t need enemies, if you got a General like that.

The start of the mess

The British Vanguard takes the objective!

The Hessians advance towards the blue thing

The Natives sneak around the corner

The American flank advances

The Hessians start a folklore  festival

The end of the first part of the mess


  1. Excellent work and beautiful pictures!

  2. Thanks! I think only luck can help me in this time...