Sunday, 9 February 2014

Set-up for the next (6th) battle - The Battle at George(?)town

As I lost the last battle, Paul had an additional Line infantry unit a +1 to a staff rating of one commander AND a free village on his half of the table (similar to card 14 of Eve of Battle), i.e. 1-2 farmhouses plus 24-48" of fences (Campaign specific rules, I would have -1 Line unit and -1 on the staff rating of one commander).

We had a very interesting (and long) EoB game, where I managed to get rid of most but not all of my penalties ...

We will have 50% wood coverage and heavy rain, i.e. movement is reduced by 3" and shooting is impossible -  there is a 1 in 6 chance each turn that the rain stops and shooting will be possible again.

Paul did draw the plague card, i.e. he lost the additional line infantry to small pox.

He will have the rump army of one gun, three American line (one of them untested) and two militia line and skirmishing units of natives and riflemen.

He added one extra gun, one elite dragoons cavalry, two French (untested) and an extra American Line.

He also has the cards Ambush (38) Sentries asleep (29) and of course Plague (24). That means he can delay one unit of mine for one turn and he starts the battle and he looses 10% of his units (11 units total = -1 which is his victory prize from the last battle, Fortuna can be a bitch sometimes).

And of course he will have one commander with a staff rating of 9.

I will field the usual rump army of one gun, one (elite) grenadier unit, 3 British Line (one of them untested) and a Light Infantry unit.

I "bought" additionally a dragoon Cavalry unit, 3 Hessian units (two of them untested) one small Jaeger skirmisher unit and an extra Line (which I lost immediately, due to my last battle defeat -  see Fortuna.)

Paul blocked my additional artillery unit I tried to buy. But  I also have two infantry elite upgrades!!

As of my event cards are: Small river (10) This time we directly came to the conclusion that it will be crossable an 2in6 (as per EoB) AND it will be ONLY as a 6" obstacle loss of movement. the experience of the last battle in mind.
Lost Depeches (37) -  I will redeploy after Paul.
Scouts ahead (32) -  one unit anywhere before 12" of the enemy
and last but not least, Village (14) see above)
and of course one commander with a staff rating of 7 (last battle lost - campaign rules).

Again a very interesting and diversified result: Very iconic, 50% wood coverage one river 2-4 houses with fenced-in areas all drenched in heavy rain at a small river crossed by a road. Name of the settlement as per title for the battle, I‘m open to suggestions.

Interesting that nobody in spite of the many cards we all had set any objective ...

And last but not least, for the buildings, I suggest: they can hold: 1 Line unit and up to 1 add. commander. no add. tiny unit.

And secondly, as I‘m not a fan of indestructable bunker games ...
We should add some (similar to pike and shotte) rules for the destructability of the buildings:
Each hit  (of a gun) equals one structure point less, Stone houses (5+ d6) Wood houses (2+ d6) after the building just "crumbles" to a normal "cover" (like a fence or wall).
... to discuss.

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