Saturday, 1 February 2014

The Battle of the Stony River (final Part)

"Hey, Sergeant! We need to retreat, re-form and then attack again!"
"Yes, Sir!"
"The enemy artillery is constantly 'amusing' our lines, this place is a mess. Have you seen the General?"
"The last time, I saw him he was picking flowers and ...  errhmm, whistling, Brigade General."
In the next moment a cannon ball cut off the head of the sergeant.

What is more defeating than loosing? Giving up!

After a promising start and two lost chances (see below) to blow the rebels back to Philadelphia - I  did the unthinkable and gave up.
I lost my Hessians (my best shots) and my only gun. The ratio was still in my favour: I lost 3 units and Paul lost 4 units, a somewhat technical measurement – but the chances that I would blow him off would get slimmer every turn. At the end we would both had a shooting competition, but he would have more commanders (to rally off casualties) and finally two guns!! With this in mind and the horror o loosing more brave innocent painted metal meneken in this useless, immoral and horrid battle... I surrendered.

Chance number one: Right at the start (last week) when my scouts were in front of some flimsy American rebel line.

Chance number two (this week): when my Hessians and the gun were in front of some shaken Militia and some shaken French unit. They did not break. I shot miserably, Paul save supremely, then my general blundered 2(!!!) times and threw my attack into disarray. Also my camera battery was suddenly out of charge ...

It was simply time to go home.

The battle map at the end

The campaign stats

The victorious British line after they killed the Riflemen

The newly forming American left flank

The infamous unbeatable Militia and French line


  1. Nice maps and beautiful pictures!

  2. Thanks - hopefully next time more and better pictures! (if my camera functions)