Saturday, 25 January 2014

The Battle of the Stony River - Part one

"We will wait until they cross that §/$&%/)& river! – then we will attack."
"(inaudible murmurs)"
"What? And if they don't? Then we will §$%&/& have to cross the river and attack them!"
"(inaudible murmurs)"
"And if you ask again, I will sent you with the forlorn hope across!! For loosing my written orders to the enemy scouts, Bastard!!!!"

This is the 5th Battle of our campaign, and Paul got lucky with 'Eve of Battle' and took many reinforcements and good event cards home!  He had 'Lost Depeches' (redeployment of all troops), 'Surprise Attack' (1st turn) and 'Delayed Enemy' (delayed my only gun for 2 turns!!!). And he got a river across (semi-crossable, on a 2 in 6 over 6", units must be in skirmishing mode and loose 6" of movement, the latter part was not in the game, but we agreed to that) – What a whopper! We both will curse this decision, I guess.

I took a gamble and and just upgraded all my units to elite, but was out numbered and out gunned. Paul had 11 units incl. 2 guns and riflemen, and I had just 7 units incl. 1 gun. In the campaign victory points ratio is now 4 to 1, but nobody can afford to loose this or the next battles as the winner of this battle gets a "free village" on his side!!!

It started quite innocent: I had two scouting units, Matt was so kindly to play the Brigardier for me.
They took the brunt of the American gunfire and even an dragoon attack but managed to survive and shoot the Dragoons back to hell. The Hessians were as usual late and advanced with the centre to soften the French up a bit. Seeing that to cross the river, you'll need 3 movements (i.e. a command roll of 6 or under AND a consecutive 1 or 2 to be able to make it across) I stopped the attack and ordered retreat. Meanwhile the "Stockbridge Indians" had a hard time to find a river crossing, but once suceeded were shot by my faithful Grenadiers. I have the hunch his river will tease us mightily.

The Battle plan (or the lack of it)

Before the 1st turn

The British Commander surveys the Rebels from the British centre

The "French Flank"

The British line behind  Mad(tt)'s Scouting Party

The true heros so far – an untested line unit with Stamina 4!!

Errm, how cold is the water, boys?

The impeccable American defense line

The American Dragoons trying to attack the scouts

The Grenadiers are off into the woods

After the last shot  -  we froze the time


  1. Great report, great terrain, and great looking figures...I enjoy!

    1. Thanks Phil! The figures are Perry for the most part. (The terrain is from the local club in Edinburgh.) Maybe I‘ll do a summary at the end of the campaign. If I‘ll win that is. ;)

  2. Your ACW toys are here and will be at the club on Thursday.

    1. Fantastic! Thanks for ordering etc.! I‘l think I have to change my "strictly 28mm" headline now.