Friday, 3 January 2014

Eve of Battle - now online!

Finally the prototype arrived! 

For everyone who always wanted to get rid of umpires and create a more jazzed up scenario - while having a wee game before the game!

for just $15.99 (thats about  9,80 Pound) ...  But mind you, you must pay for UPS America as well!

link just here below or next right on top of the links

Open Packaging
Just right with 60 cards including the red starter card and a rule booklet

Typical mid-game set up between two players


  1. Michael
    Are there any changes in the cards or the rules from the test version that you gave me?


    1. Hi Bill,

      yes, but just less minor typos, a nicer design, and 4 cards less. (you should have got 64 cards) - I can bring in the prototype next thursday, if you want to have a look.


    2. Not sure if I will get to the club on Thursday but bring the prototype.just in case I get there

  2. Michael,

    I am very interested in your card game, having seen you and Paul play it at Edinburgh.

    Do I really have to buy it from the USA? Why not in this country, as you live here?

    Finally, thanks for the AWI games - much appreciated.