Sunday, 12 January 2014

The Battle at the Old Fort - Part 3 (final)

"Shoot the damn lobsters, shoot them! I want to see them colouring the snow!!"
"Sir, we ran out of powder!"
"Then bloody well take your feet in your hand and charge!" ...
... Easier said then done in two feet high snow.

This was the third and last part of the 4th battle of the campaign, and Paul and me were fighting hard about the possession of the strategic hill, festered with fortifications, the ‘Old Fort‘. And I must apologise in advance, it was that thrilling that I completely forgot to take pictures.

Previously (1st part), I had skirmished a bit on my right flank and then finished off his Indians and the Riflemen, but really, were‘t able to break through to the other side.

Then (2nd part) Paul did his attack on the left flank, including the newly arrived French troops which rolled both a 6 and became stamina 4, guard-like units!!! But the snow failed them to reach my lines in time.

In reverse tactics, I retreated bit by bit and mowed them into the ground. In between some of Paul‘s units were running out of powder. An unfortunate condition Fortuna (in the disguise of 'Eve of Battle') dealt the rebel forces with. If you would ask me, one of the toughest card in the game (EoB), if your units rely mostly upon fire power. (And Yes, it needs tough cards - otherwise you will end up with same strength armies – pooh!)

After that I decide to 'storm' the hill. More a slugfest due to the snow. I found my advancing troops in the same precarious position than Paul before. Additionally my General blundered and my complete right flank 'rushed' forward to be sitting ducks to the Rebels giving the Redcoats some hot target practise.

But all the while my guns were uninhibited by anything shooting units off that hill. That in the end won the battle. Paul lost 3 or 4 regiments and had to abandoned the fortifications before the hill. Rumour has it that the Hessians were a bit slow, but were premiere shots.

And the moral of the story ... I won't tell, as the campaign is still ongoing.

Now the campaign stats:
Pauls has 1 victory point and I got 4 (2 VP for this). The next battle will be as usual -1/+1 staff rating to one commander to Paul/me and with one less/more infantry unit. And the usual -25% wood bonus for a British victory. Who ever wins that battle gets 2 Victory points and a ‘free village' (i.e. 2 houses and 48" of barricades/hedges etc.) in the next battle!!!

The next ‘Eve of Battle‘ game will be something special.

The slow start and first skirmish (1st part)

One flank cleared and the fatal left flank attack of the Rebels (2nd  part)

The last tactical movements of the battle

After the last Rebel has been shot off the hill

The American Generals hapless facing their Army's defeat


  1. Michael, have a look at these also have you thought about Dux Britanniarum for the skirmish element.

    1. yep they look good, i‘ll have to read DB first, but Paul recommended DB also.
      I envision this as every body has a small baron‘s retinue plus maybe a keep and some village parts ... and the more the merrier, we can do some endless feudal feuds on some real or imaged barony ... but we need also some siege rules.

  2. Hi Michael,
    Any chance you can give a detailed review of your prebattle system (eve of Battle)??? I can glean stuff from some posts ...but its not very well explained anywhere in a single post...(ie what do the cav cards represent/ Does it merely affect unit strengths with events or alter deployment...etc) I applaud the intent but dont understand how its being achieved and its a sizable investment with shipping for Non-US buyers. Thx


    1. Hi Zel, you're right of course, ... duly noted. This Saturday I will do so. The backside of each cards are 'potential' units to buy, or for two cards to upgrade one of your normal troops to elite status or to block enemy 'purchases'. Each turn you have a max of on card you are allowed to lay aside for this (unturned, i.e. with the cav or Inf or art. symbol upside), and at the end of the card game you have to make your choices what to buy and what to upgrade or to block. Usually we start out with equal strength armies but then due to EoB we end up with something else. Before the play (EoB) we divide our "toys" into say 70% "rump army and 30% for potentially to buy ones... more later

    2. Hi Zel,

      hope that helps.