Thursday, 2 January 2014

The Battle at the Old Fort - Part 2

"Attack on the right and then swing around to mop up the rest and take the hill..."
"No, just shell them and then a frontal attack with your best troops..."
eerm - I don‘t think so!

The main disadvantage everybody has on this battle field is the deep snow and that (especially in the woods) no fast, swift or huzzah! attacks are possible. I attacked the right flank and cleared the forrest, but I lost my Jäger unit.

On the left flank the lazy Hessians finally moved (hum... halfway) out of the woods and Paul has set up a big push attack on this very flank, but his troops are looking quite worn already as they creep towards my, unstable Hessians (untested fresh recruits). While he was lucky with both of his 'untested' French units (Stamina 4 both!!!), I was able to bomb one of the tough Frenchies off the hill with my guns.

Still every thing hangs in the open and as this is by far the slowest AND longest Battle already, I think we will continue this next time, if not for additional 2 weeks...

May the less frosted win!

The battle so far ...

The "Stockbridge" Indians are hacking the Hessian Jägers apart

The British LI Veterans mop up the right flank

The American close in on the Hessian left flank

The Royal Artillery is softening the Rebel centre

The Grenadiers going into the woods

The Hessian softies are wavering (probably frozen)


  1. Nice report and beautiful figures, love the artillery...

    1. Thanks! The figures will need an overhaul at the end of the campaign ...

      Watch out for the final 3rd part of the Oldford battle ..