Saturday, 23 August 2014

Hrolrf never heard the end of his saga

"Simon's a computer, Simon has a brain, you either do what Simon says or else go down the drain!"

Later at 793 or so our little saga begins at a small castle near a a church called Deuchars, as two dark age hordes were having a deadly rendez vous. The attacker were led by Matt (known as also the Greek) leading expertly painted lead provided by Derek (the Hodge), while I (Exaybachay) had the privilege to play the marvelously painted Vikings figures provided by Paul (the Greek). Both Matt and me are kind of new to the Saga rules, so we got able advisers Derek and Paul.

Because Matt had the more impressive facial hair (my nose hair didn‘t count apparently) he could start the battle, the warriors moved at each others, dices were falling and suddenly the enemy warlord, Fyrkantig, the Green, attacked my innocent Bondi. But the Norns were against him and, "bei Odin!", he lost most of his Huskarls. Which led me to believe that his force was just a pretty good Anglo-Saxon horde in Viking costumes.

Damn Ragnar and his rock, I did the counter attack and smashed the enemy‘s warriors, and his left flank was beginning to shrink. Then I took a risk and attacked his bowmen, which left my warlord, named Hrolrf, exhausted and exposed. 

The inevitable happened and Fyrkantig cut the glorious ending of this saga a bit short...

The subtle tactical formations at the start of the battle

The superbly drilled and painted Viking force

They might be giants or even Anglo-Saxons 
opposing lines clapping shields and all that

The Hirdmen attack the bowmen

the Viking Hirdmen running up hill

Hrolrf is distracted by an retro electronic computer game named Simon

beneath the sway of francesca

the Vikings rallying to their Raven banner

turned out the false Anglo-Saxons were real Vikings though ...


  1. I'm late, I didn't see this one!
    Well, another great post, minis are really nice...Bloody game!

  2. The minis (around 50 Vikings) are from Paul (the Greek) and he took over a year to paint them! But it was worth waiting for them!