Friday, 15 August 2014

Duculus Britanniarum

This Thursday we played Dux Britanniarum, Jack brought his Northumbrians and Derek came with his Pictii or was it Scottish raiders on horse with a bit of foot soldiers, or better dirty guys in pyjamas with sticks and shields... these post-roman times are no doubt confusing me.

Jack and me we played the sober British and did a very good prayer before the fight, like every good potential killer should do. Derek, Peter and Paul opted for the Scottish raiders and for the booze, a conservative choice.

We deployed directly half on a very strategic hill position and attacked with our light troops around the flanks. Then after some skirmish the moment of truth came, our Heavy horse in reach of the turned Scottish infantry and a couple of very good cards, just to ride them down and end the game to make the world a better place ...  and Jack, the dux, rolled a 4 with 3 dice??....

That was probably when HE told us just to let it be and lend the other chin, but as christians we were not giving up. Only just to be beaten by those drunken bastards... convert and repent later, I say!

In fact I had nothing to regret, it was a very good game.

the sober Nothern British 
The drunken Scots

Death defying in the name of god

The battlefield after some shuffle

Horses in godspeed

The light horses clash

Back to the church!

The thundering of doom

Facing the drunken berserkers attack

Frolic pagans

The last attack just came that far ...

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