Monday, 11 August 2014

Defending the Empire at Sonntagshausen around somewhat 1540

We met at the club on Sunday to enjoy a multi-player of Pique, early Renaissance, French against the Habsburg with a little help of some Italian (Florentine) and a Swiss (Bern) contingent. The Hapsburg figures were provided by me and Jack, the French ones by Paul (the Irish) who was also fully responsible for the army lists and the set up of the scenario.

On the French left (cavalry) the very same Paul (the Irish) against Paul (the Greek) leading the Hapsburg Cavalry. In the centre myself with the Ordonnance and the Landsknecht pikes against Jim ordering the French mercenaries, the famous Swiss and some artillery as well.
On the right Bart with the French light infantry and artillery against some Florentines known as Jack and Derek. First I rolled average for our CinC and then abysmal for two of our three Battalia commander!! The remaining average commander, I gave to Paul (the Greek), that we would have at least a chance in the upcoming cavalry spectacle. The CinC I gave to Jack and Derek plus the other abysmal commander.

Then we advanced ... for piquet rules, very fast! But got bloody noses pretty much on all sides!  The German cavalry did not break through, Jims Swiss came and slaughtered one Landsknechts block, so that they fled back to northern Bavaria. The Italian just fiddled around and we all were happy that they advanced in the end, which was easy as Barts troops were somewhat immobile.

But then my cunning cartagean tactic was paying off and with a flank attack from my Landsknechts the  uncontrollable Swiss was sent home over the Alps, which has a serious effect on the French commander morale. Jim never recovered.

Then Paul (the Greek) who is famous for his cavalry attacks, reversed the left flank and sent the French Gendarmes d‘Ordonnance fleeing. A truly Alexandirian feat.

Then Bart woke up out of his coma and attacked the two funny Florentines who then set out to trouble him quite reasonably, very bad biscuits!

So in the end an astounding holy victory for the imperial troops, (if one decides to ignore the chippies in the funny coloured bags).

To quote classic standard from a SESWC member, All in all a very good game!

The Italian section of the Habsburg battle line

The Centre with The Landsknecht Pike blocks

The deployment at the start, top row Imperialists,  opposite the French
The French Gendarmes and Men-at-arms

The Imperial Cavalry flank

The Swiss (French) are coming! (fast!)

The clash of old enemies

The Imperial Gendarmes attack!

The Nürnberger Landsknecht Pike sent home by the French Swiss

The German Gendarmes have to take losses by the French
More Swiss attacking the Memminger Landsknechte

But then the Gendarmes d‘Oultremontagne sent the French home

Also the in the centre a reversal through a flank attack

Again the French cavalry in flight!


  1. Jim did not recover from a reverse - never! Interesting use of Piquet! Apologies I did not get there as I was busy shopping with Mrs G in Glasgow.....

  2. Ah well, he wanted to call the shots for a turn, in piquet time, that counts for an eternity!
    Sadly, it was just the penultimate turn. ;)

  3. Fabulous! Gendarmes are really fantastic, as the Pikes...these armies are so impressive!

    1. Thanks Phil, I‘m a firm believer in technicolour, if one has the opportunity go with bold colours. :)