Saturday, 30 August 2014

Race to the Delaware

Lately I bought the Warlords supplement "Rebellion", which sparked again my long lasting dream of a bigger AWI campaign – that started from some historical point, but then would soon develop into something else as the players surely will have their own ideas.

As many I like to agree with the rules of Black Powder, if one use them as a tool box to create the feel of an area AND adjust to perfectly to the needs and wishes of the players involved.

I alway had a weak spot for the White Plains battle and the resulting chase and counter battles until Trenton and Princeton. Also as at White Plains is (as many other occasions) dubbed the last chance of Howe to end the rebellion. There is not an awful lot of imagination needed to see the difficulties involved in that ensuing campaign for both sides.

As I have developed the Pre-deployment game "Eve of Battle", I‘ll have in mind a mixture of an tabletop board game to control the campaign and all of its issues (movement, weather, supply, command, morale and reinforcements etc.) combined with the issues of an customised battle deployment rooted in the campaign development rather than pure either historical fact or pure fiction.

Maybe with a board game that controls the campaign development in one week at the club to determine and prepare the next battle to be fought for the next week. ....

I'm also painfully aware that I have other game developments in progress (not to mention the other unpainted heap of lead, which is what everybody else says, I know), I can only ask for patience, which should be the first virtue of a wargamer anyway...

American forces available at White plains

British forces available at White plains

Map of the march towards Trenton

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