Monday, 30 May 2016

Oldhammer – Lets get rid of some lead ...

As I stumbled over the warcraft trailer for this summer (uuuargh!!), I just decided to get rid of my Orc & Goblins, and the Empire army, that I fielded since the late 80ies back in Germany.  All are painted to tabletop standard, reasonably well, some of them are quite rare items from old Citadel, including some Nick Lund figures ...

I'm not quite sure if I shall go on ebay or maybe wait until Claymore.  We‘ll see ...

Apologizes up front if they are a bit dusty ... it has been years since they  have seen the light.

2 armies 
facing each other ...

the old Azagh metal from around early 90ies

some very old metal goblin wolf rider

some old metal boar riders (90ies)

a Black Orc unit that encompases the minis from the 80ies through the 90ies

the "real" metal Giant, who does not look like a long shank

some of the oldest, Harboth‘s archers

very dusty empire

again all mid 90ies very old

Monday, 23 May 2016

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Ambush am Busch

Last week Angus kindly offered me to try out the famous General de Brigade rules. He brought along with a little ambush scenario a couple of brigades of French and Prussian from his vast and nicely painted stock of 28mm Napoleonics. He promised me a Russian contingent, but just brought Prussians, probably remembering to bring just "something from the continent" ...

Also Dougie made an appearance and kindly offered to be my sparring partner and commanding the Prussian side. The French (me then this time) had to march along the road and get (more than half) of their troops across the other side exactly where the road vanishes. To the side there was some small bushes and trees ("der Busch" in German) where from the Prussian would make a surprise appearance.
As I was  newbie to the rules my brigade was pretty much in the middle of the table when Dougie‘s Prussians arrived.

First our cavalry clashed, then some more and then I throw some artillery (too slow anyway) and some Infantry into their path. My pink cavalry from somewhere in central Germany was smashed, then my brave lined up infantry got caught in the open. I must admit, I refused the urge to form a square and relied on fire power ... but then failed to deliver this in dice rolling. In the end the last 3 regiments of infantry escaped, but is it was just 50% of the lot not 51% so I lost. Playing by the rules is always so much fun, if you master them. I certainly did not and must admit that the order phase and their transition into movement was not quite so clear. The game seems to rely on a lot of table which in this day and age I‘d like to avoid.

But never the less I enjoyed the company and the game. Maybe BP next time - I‘m sure we can come up with some adjustments that reflect some of the intentions of GdB, but with less tables to check.

Figures, scenario and scenery: Angus
Combatants: Me and Dougie

My inital set up
Enter the Prussians
The Cavalry clashes 
More Prussian Infantry sneaks in
The French line stands or dies
aaand the Prussians
The French Artillery delays the Prussian attack
The Prussian Cavalry get the hang of it
... more Prussians pour out of the Bush
3 Regiments escape, but not enough to win the day ... 
The Prussian Cavalry mobs all up

Saturday, 14 May 2016

The Battle at Peekskill Oct VI 1776 - Wintercampaign

This Thursday we played the 4th battle into the campaign using BP rules. Col. Scott was left behind by Gen. Lee with 7 Militia regiments on the righthand side of the Hudson to defend as long as possible.

Unfortunately Gen. Clinton and Cornwallis were on his heels with the best of the British troops.
It was at the end of October and weather was relatively fine. Admiral Howe had agreed to land a 3rd brigade (Mathews) somewhat south of the village coming at the 4th turn as a reserve to help Gen. Vaughn (played by Bart). Campbell played Gen. Clinton and Cornwallis while Jim stood in for Col. Scott and as his  sub-ordinate Bill helped out as Captain Smith to defend the village.

This time it was a tough call for both of the parties as it was a river crossing battle with BUAs, but then it was the last stand of the Northern Militia. I gave the buildings structure points (as I'm against eternal fortress like battles even if village huts are made out of wood). I let Jim dice out the quality of the Militia and oops, none of them were wavering!!!

The battle in itself, progressed quickly, first the British had to establish themselves and then they attacked. Always under fire of the Militia, which due to some very unfortunate dice rolling could have massacred easily some 2 or 3 more regiments. Only Cornwallis (as later it would be clear after a damning report from Gen. Clinton) lost a regiment of Light Infantry! After the British crossed the river, the Militia retreated into the woods of Northern Hill and stood ground for a little longer but was seen off after a famous Bajonet charge of the British.

A sounding victory for the British again, but with a little salt in it, as the 1st British loss of a regiment into the campaign! (yes, dear Cornwallis, unfair the battle of White Plains didn't count ...) which made clear again, how useful even just one BN of artillery can be.

I hope all involved had the same fun as me, and I might add that (I agree veeeery slowly) the campaign comes into its own individualistic shape.

With more interesting stuff surely on the horizont, winter still to come, with rain and snow, the American Enlistments will fade out at end of December 1776,  not to talk about spies, economy, traitors, diplomacy etc.

Campaign stats:
Losses (regiments/units): British vs American = 1:9
Victories (battles over brigade size): British vs American = 2:0
Loyality Index (+-5): -3 against the Patriots
Time passed: 4 turnsOctober VI 1776
Time left: 20 turns – March VI 1777

Initial Turn and deployment
The defenders of Peekskill and "Kings Bridge" 
The Defenders of the Northern Hill
The British right flank, the Death and Glory Boys 
The British Grenadier Brigade attacks
And the Palatine imigrants defending it valiant
The British right forms along the river
While Col. Scott retreats onto the Northern Hill
Meanwhile Brigadier Mathews arrived and joins with the Grenadiers 
The British cross the bridge  
Cornwallis finally  under fire moves the Light Infntry BNs over the river

The British Artillery is hauled over the bridge into Peekskill
The final moments of the heroic defense of the Village

Map of Peekskill table
British stats
American stats

The battle of Peekskill