Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Seven Years War – Honours of War

Last week I was invited to join a impromptu Seven Years War scenario using the Osprey rules, Honours of War.  I just brought my 1776 Hessians and acted like it was a couple years earlier (like we all like to do after a couple of pints ... aren't we?). Scenario was probably dreamt up, the rules were OK, but the "grazing" rule (when a cannonball jumps into subsequent regiments, proved to be a bit too tough). Making the artillery the overwhelming weapon of the armies.

In front of me ,I had Campbell dealing with the French Hussars and lot, so I just attacked.
Funnily, I just lost the most units, and even my flank collapsed a little bit, but I think the French hadn't enough fire power to continue and so the Brits were declared victors. 

Nevermind, that is nothing unusual in our days, and we all enjoyed a bit Seven-Years-War bashing. Who doesn't? Following some impressions of the Ferdinandious event ... enjoy!

Initial Set-up
Opposed to my flank Campbell's French Husarians
as opposed to my 17th Death or Glory Boys / Dragoons
And the AWI Regt. Rall, Knyphausen and Leib posing as Hessians of the 7YW

Angus' assortment of French left Flank posing as a threat 
And I just attacked
again the French set up posing as an orderly line
Mon Dieu, the "grazing" hurts!

The Brittanic right Flank
My Dragoons get hurt, but dish out as well
Finally the Brits move 
My centre get shot to pieces, the following images couldn't be shown because of the brutality of the content!


  1. Wonderful pictures and armies for a wonderful period to play!

    1. Thank you, Phil! Maybe I paint some more Heavy Cav. some day ...