Monday, 30 May 2016

Oldhammer – Lets get rid of some lead ...

As I stumbled over the warcraft trailer for this summer (uuuargh!!), I just decided to get rid of my Orc & Goblins, and the Empire army, that I fielded since the late 80ies back in Germany.  All are painted to tabletop standard, reasonably well, some of them are quite rare items from old Citadel, including some Nick Lund figures ...

I'm not quite sure if I shall go on ebay or maybe wait until Claymore.  We‘ll see ...

Apologizes up front if they are a bit dusty ... it has been years since they  have seen the light.

2 armies 
facing each other ...

the old Azagh metal from around early 90ies

some very old metal goblin wolf rider

some old metal boar riders (90ies)

a Black Orc unit that encompases the minis from the 80ies through the 90ies

the "real" metal Giant, who does not look like a long shank

some of the oldest, Harboth‘s archers

very dusty empire

again all mid 90ies very old


  1. I know it sounds awkward, but before you sell it, we should use it. We can use the Pike and Shotte or Hail Caesar rules for that.