Saturday, 11 June 2016

The First World War

Q: So, you want to set up a game and re-play the First World War?
A: Yes, in 6mm, sort of, that would be the size of the minis bases representing a corps.
Q: The complete First World War?
A: Yes, the complete First World War, inclusive the naval actions, various political and economical aspect and yes and maybe even the fight in the colonies, maybe as a interphase module.

In fact I would just "customise" the late and great 80ies Avalon Hill game by the name of Guns of August, designed by Rob Beyma and transfer it to something what could be called table top. Of course as in the mid 80ies the modules and variants spawned, it offers a wide basement for rules and scenario possibilities and rule changes and amendments.

I was inspired by the latest cross-over from Bluecher that used cards literally and blurred the line between two genres of game concepts. So why not board game?. It would be 4 6x4 ft "maps", which I customised design wise and some 1040 counters that had to be transferred into miniature bases, corps, artillery divisions and sabbot templates that will be used for entrenchments and forts.
4 to 6 players, 1 turn equates to a month,  in a club night, I estimate, we could get 6 month behind us, which leads to if played once a month (in real life) maybe to less than a year.

Q: Doesn't that sound a bit mental?
A:  Yes.

Some early Germans, artillery (WIP) and a Entrenchment and Fort sabbot

the germans behind barbed wire (split up, rolled  up, train cable from H0)

under the basements will be the specs, but that will be for the ones who can't count figures

NW europe (sorry my RAM displayed some of the rail shadows wrongly, that big is the file)

SW Europe together with the NW it will form "the West front" table 8x6)

NE Europe (Northern half of the "East Front" 8x6 table)

SE Europe  (Southern half of the "East Front" 8x6 table)


  1. Yes it does sound a bit mental! Good luck with it,that's a lot of sustained work in teeny tiny scale.
    Don't forget the renaissance though, every now and then!
    Best Iain

    1. No worries, this project will come into fruition at the earliest, end of this year. (... and its less work than it seems to be). And in between I always need some "change" on my painting table. There are the new landsknechts to be released from TAG ... very tempting!