Monday, 29 August 2016

Luise, Luise, oh baby, we gotta go!

Early 1914, the little mine sweeper Königin Luise was detected by bad ass British destroyers inflagranti, while we had to wait 6 turns until we (some mini German destroyers without any mine and lesser firepower) were allowed to come to the table. No wonder the little girl was on fire in no time!
As the numerous enemies drew nearer a little torpedo action was taking place, but the system is more unreliable than the originals, so no terrific damage was done (even after a hit).

The Brits scored hit after hit, while we were always out of range (it felt a bit like a Sansculotte ship transferred just 100 years later) and our better repair skills were non-existent in the rules.
So if nothing is working, what do naval gamers do? They try to ram the enemy (just like the ancients), but even that didn't work out ... ecstatic!

A pretty little game and a nice set-up. The scenarios are getting more and more minimalistic over the time, maybe we end up with a fist fight in the port of Wangerooge near a pub called the Wunderbar.

Lemme put this into a poem ...
Oh, my little girl, 
She's waiting for me,
I'll sail a ship across the sea, 
On the ship you know
I'm all alone 
I wonder if I can make it home

Music and copyright by Motörhead

The "Kill-misters" and my only remedy
Poor Luise chased by some wicked Englishmen

"A smell rose in the air" 
Me the Köln, Mainz and Rostock were too late to help
The British with the "better fire power"

The British torpedoes hit but not bad enough

Luise still hot and the all the Rhineland smoking some cigars

We left some minefields

The "Cölner" Carneval had to close up to hit

Even ramming didn't help

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