Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Aut pontifex maximus, Aut nihil!

Amen, my friends of the late night music, I decided to stock up my Renaissance army with some finer clerical units of the Romagna and the Pope in the future, I'll have to aim for nothing less than canonization!

So I will supply Jack's Florentines with two additional commands for the next Renaissance game, I decided to go for the Gonfalonieri Cesare Borgias himself - Agreed on very selfish rationale (the other I still have to decide ...)

I also decided to design some more shields for Angus' Venetian heavy infantry and some flags for Bart as he finally decided to join our renaissannce rattle and to go for the Sforzas, Hurrah!

I will further design some Swiss flags for Donald, if he is doin' the research ... we might find something other than the obvious...

That should be enough to become holy!

Ah, well and some unfinished 28mm Normans/Ottonians were accidentally present  ... and some 6mm French, early WW1 ... Hach, too much to do ...

Perry oval Italian shields 

Unhappy Crusader Miniatures left for highlighting and finishing ...

French (and in fact British) Baccus 6mm without basing ....

Cesare and the Flag of HIS Father
The Flagbearer has a Spanish shield ... 
.... and was recruited from a Perry plastic box ...
Some Flags for the Sforza (and for Cesare)
In case Bart wants some crossbows with pavises ....


  1. Great stuff, the banner being handed over and the shield designs look fantastic!

    1. Thanks Oli! I'd have to say, I'm curious if these (or similar) designs would still work on rodelos ...

    2. On some I am sure they would, on the adagas or spiked shields might be more tricky

  2. Wow, very impressive, love this banner!

    1. Thanks Phil! Yep the club mates also liked them. :)

  3. Great looking renaissance command and shields, love the banner too.
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks, Iain - next week is a Renaissance bash ... more shields and banner there ...