Monday, 8 August 2016

The Brittish defeat at the "Polish Wall"

Last Thursday, I just crammed some Hessians, Brits, French and Americans into my coffers and we played an introductionary game for David, our new club member.

First we started with Eve of Battle, to design an uneven set-up; and it was weird to play even after such a long time, but it did the job. 50% woods, a BUA and a looong wall, the Polish wall.

The Rebels played by Bart and his Nephew Czarek against the Brits played by me and David. The Americans were waiting for the onslaught of the Crown forces behind a long wall and rolled pretty good, none of their Militia was wavering. The Brits, apart from having half of the woods on their deployment side had "Low on Ammunition", an essentially very bad Eve of Battle card (1in6 the unit runs out of powder after a shot). Grrreat!

Bart played a very good delaying game, but his artillery dicing was abysmal. He never unlocked my Light Infantry out of the woods.  So the Redcoats slugged forward killing more and more essential Rebel until regiments. Until I decided to classically take advantage of the new useful rule "British Bayonet charge" (+1 on breaktest to the winner of the battle / at draw still for the British) and attack them with a follow me order of my CinC. The bayonet charge is a two edged sword, if it goes well its devastating, if it goes wrong its ... mainly also - there are no draws. I nearly managed to kill the wobbly, shaken French but sustained more hits and ... lost the combat by one. The following break test was killing the unit AND the CinC!!! Check matt, King is dead.

We called it a day, a very thrilling game and a good win for the Rebels.

Barts rap:

Initial set up  
The evil Hessians load their guns
The Rebels had to fall back 
And the Redcoats follow suite
All hold the line!
The Lobsters are going in! 
First they mash the 3rd New Yorkers
then the Hessian guns come up!
But the Grenadiers die and one gun runs out of Ammo!!!
so the Grenadiers must attack! Bayonet Charge!
... the last photo before the CinC got killed ... the rest was too brutal for british audience to show.


  1. Looks beautiful!! Sorry, but i love the 'evil Hessians', splendid poses and uniforms!

  2. Thanks Phil! Yeah, one's got to love the Hessians! These crazy loonies get always the bad rap. :)