Saturday, 5 November 2016

1914 Music for the masses and the arms race begins ...

The 6mm masses take shape -  I got probably enough to start test games for the 1914 scenario (of Guns of August). Today also the "possible" complete 1/6000 German Imperial fleet arrived, courtesy of Figurehead. I am not sure, I might base them on the same 10x50mm bases from Warbases, as a lot of the participants are old men with best intentions but lesser dexterity...

Two days ago I ordered the complete (possible) Austrian-Hungarian and Russian armies from Irregular Miniatures ...

I'm also re-thinking if I should do the uniform update for the western forces to the post 1916 for the British, French and German. Maybe just for the infantry, leaving out the artillery and Cavalry ...

Hm ... we'll see...

German Army of the West with the reserve in the foreground
The French Army with the reserve in the foreground
French guns and Cavalry (as Chasseurs a Chevaux)
The complete BEF and the possible reinforcements for 1914-15
More German regulars and the complete German Cavalry (as Uhlans)
The Germans guns, the reserve and the infamous siege artillery of Krupp and a A7V for later
The complete possible Belgian Army
Birds view of the masses 
The complete possible German Navy arrived today  
The complete German army of 1914 (line below) and the maximun possible reinforcements (top) 
The A3 turn map for a month will probably copy 200 of them ...

the cover design of my personal GOA rules (with amendments)


  1. Can not wait for the launch of the game.

  2. Looks great, I guess the BEF didn't take you long!
    Best Iain

    1. Na, not really. :) ... but it will be different with the Russians, coming next ...