Thursday, 24 November 2016

There must be something wrong with the Schlieffen Plan!

I couldn‘t resist and got the 6mm Guns Of August out and enlisted Campbell as the French General Joffre, while Mike played the Brits B.E.F. and the Belgians and I was rather uninspiring the German Moltke the Younger.

Firstly I started quite nicely getting Liege under my thumb, rather because only the tiny Belgian Cavalry was defending it than my valour. And attacked the French down in Lorraine and the Vosges inflicting heavy losses on the gauls.

But I hadn't counted on Campbells spirit of defense, he didn‘t needed the Plan 17 counter attack rule – he counter attacked anyway! And did so more successfully with lots of 6‘s which lead to a lot of "Defender exchange", i.e. he suffered a lot, but got eliminated as well. Which led to an rather unhistoric open warfare in the Alssac as the troops to close the gaps were missing!

Then I advanced on Antwerpen and got attacked by the rest of the Belgian Army, which failed and got anihilated. I advanced into the fortress and Belgium kapitulated!

Then the B.E.F. came as alway too late and stopped my advance across Lille, by rather foolishly charge with the cavalry between my lines -  in the end they invaded Netherland and fleed to Hamburg!! By that time it was December and I hadn't occupied Lille, so it was a draw!

The rules are worked quite nicely -  I still have a lot to paint, but I guess I'm half way through!!!
And the German High Sea Fleet had its 1st outing, but of course no Royal Navy in sight – still on its way with the Royal Mail!

The French defending Belfort

Verdun still far away

The French regionals defending the Lille–Reims line

The initial set-up

The complete Hochseeflotte at August 1914

The big right wing before Belgium

Liege just defended by a Belgian 1-1-4 Cavalry coprs

Gaps appear after the 1st month!

Attack and counter-attacks rip the front line apart!

After October the line starts to "entrech" itself (brown tokens)

at the end of the game ...

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