Friday, 11 November 2016

Howe could ye ever let that happen?

Newark, into the third week of November 1776 of our AWI 1776 Winter campaign

Sixteen Continental Army regiments under Gen. Washington were marching and surrounding a British outpost at the end of the Passaic river. The American commander in chief has chosen this little river town, because it controls the supply route up north into the Hackensack valley, where under Major Gen. Grant the bulk of the Crown forces are chasing Gen. Greene further and further away from the Hudson.

In the campaign game Jack (Gen. Washington) did a face-volte and counter-attacked this little 3 regiments strong garisson with all he could muster (with an "surprise attack" and a "delayed enemy" card(s), to become infamous). Little did he know, the commander of this outpost was Commander in chief Gen. Howe himself (played by Bart).

The odds were brutal, the timing couldn't be worse and a miss-understanding left General Howe stunned. Unable to get away timely and thus out-manouvered he ordered to fight to the last man and resigned himself to history with a last all-out charge. Only true gentlemen die with gesture and grand manner.

Who could foresee this was just a dark prelude for a bitter struggle to come. The irony is that the cream of the Continental army now lies in front of British stout regular brigades! But who is to jointly command them? The new British commander will be Gen. Clinton (played by Campbell) and Bart will be back as the aggressive Gen. Cornwallis with the command of the newly raised Dragoons ...

Will the Americans stay on, ready for a second Newark or can they sneak away a second time? Both sides lacking the forces or impetus they love to have, meanwhile other urgent issues might arise.

A truly epic and unfair struggle, for which of course I will take the sole responsibility.

1776, III week of November, Lieut.-Gen. Sir William Howe, R.I.P.
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The Garisson of Newark and the Enemy ready to leap to the attack
The Pennsylvanian's approaching
The 3rd NY Regiment re-emerged to avenge White Hills
The Rebel attack on the unobserved South 
True Gentlemen die with a last gesture. Howe's last attack 
The Battalion at the west defies the American onslaught ...
The second British Regiment is shot to pieces

The last minutes of the last regiment ... surrounded by Rebels
The map of Newark for further "good" use ...