Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Somewhere between Verdun and Arras around 1918 at Tuesday Eve

Events as they truly happened at the Western front somewhere between Verdun and Arras around 1918 for the first time in technicolor:

The French were heavily attacked and lost the first line and reinforced their  second line. The Germans got now stuck in-between the nowhere land. A Beutepanzer got stuck in the muck as well. No artillery support were available for both sides. Both sides called for reinforcements, the famous Stosstuppen with a little help of Lotti (THE A7V!) against the infamous Schneider tank. 

Who would reach the empty Mark IV in the middle first and "re-ignite" the engine with a little help of a running engineer (Junior leader)?
Gen.Cambelle (normally the Anti-Neville) stoutly defended France while me and Major Bart as the Huns tried to reach for Paris in a week. All in common were the faint knowledge of the rules we applied (Chain of Command derivate of Through Mud and the Blood - CoCotMatB for short) and the legal supports of the walking Grimoires of the club Jack and Derek.

My platoon was stuck in the middle and low on morale as Barts veterans arrived on the left flank. In short, I got more or less blown out of my holes and craters, while Bart re-captured the Beute-Beute-Panzer for the Kaiser and he even reached the second line before the truly Wagnerian ending came along in accumulated "very bad things" that happened and thus slammed our morale points down to zero. 

My platoon ran away first straight back to Kiel to tell about the inevitability of the defeat and to join the sailors, while Barts Sturmtruppen got beat several turns later, but returned in denial to Munich …

Bien Joué Campbell! I gladly cede the complete Rhineland, you can have it! 

Scenario: Myself
Minis: Again myself and Campbells
Terrain: Angus and some pixel pushing on my part

The following reportage were attained through the use of a Nikon featuring as a Zeiss Ikon 1914. No tin widows were created during the process. Please, if you are a politician, act responsibly and do not try to repeat this at home, or anywhere else for that matter!


  1. Terrifying, realistic and splendid table...outstanding details on the photos Michael!

    1. Thank you Phil! ... its an itchy period that needs a scratch ... Another (big) project maybe would be to do a less "Verdun-esque" table ... or maybe I just get myself a handful of tin hat tommies and dunk them in mud. :)

  2. Great looking game, love the tanks!
    Best Iain (you'll be lucky if any politicians pay any attention )

    1. Thank you, Iain! Yes, it was indeed - and yes, I got a soft spot too for the big metal monster of WW1.