Thursday, 12 July 2018

My camera has been abducted by aliens ..

.Yeah, I know you hate it, but maybe tomorrow I'll post ... promise ...

So before I post more metal ... something completely different: my top ten

1. The Dirtbombs, cause they sound like the Stooges:

2. The Downtown Boys, best punk today:

3. The Screaming Females:

4. An Pierle, thank you God, for being a Belgian:

5. Baby in Vain, my favourite best Stoner Rock band from Kopenhagen:

6. The Detroit Cobras:

7. Kid Loco, as its trippy:

8. Mannequin Pussy, some Neo-Grundge:

9. CCFX, best 80 Retro-Pop:

and finally to have get into a good mood some noir metal
10. Dark Buddha Rising:

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