Monday, 18 March 2019

No i‘m not dead...

... just re-locating. I‘m now in the middle of the storm (the eye of the storm??), all calm, I guess. After weeks of frantic flat hunting, we managed to secure a nice flat that also allow a dog. I guess all participants are a bit weakened through over extertion.
Orders of boxes didn‘t came through regularly ... Customer service centres are a waste of time ...
Last weekend was spent just packing boxes. I guess after the move, I have to do a Gesamt-Roll call, didn‘t know I had THAT much tin. Well, we are moving out this weekend and then it's the question if the internet provider is really that fast as promised, hmmm, I can hear the "OST from "Das Boot"slightly in the distance ...
Nevertheless, I will probably have  enough ongoing to do to keep me busy away from my favourite tin painting hobby for the next weeks to turn a flat into a home.

So please bear with me: it will change ... at the end of the tunnel there is a flat big enough for a 6x4 or two...


  1. No plan survives contact with the enemy asthey say. Good luck and hope things return to normal for you soon.


  2. Best of luck,I hope the move hadnha been too traumatic!
    Best Iain

    1. ... slowly coming back together ... boxes getting less and less ...