Sunday, 19 May 2019

When you feel the urge for overkill ... (Ar-Bart-Ghorgorgorgoroth-al-dhul)

This time we decided to play Lord of the Rings, 28mm, with Alisdairs figures. He came up with a  typical last stand scenario, where the dwarves meet Galadriel with just a few guards (played by Bart) and then the overpowering hordes of (Dol-Guldur?) Gorgorgoroth come along to crush everybody (played by me as I have a soft spot for all evil, and was a dark owner of a once mighty (350 souls) ork horde). Alisdair would kindly play the umpire as me and Bart didn't (as usual) read the rules.

So task was easy, I had more units because I'm evil and then more because it was a last stand scenario - hey I like it! Bart out manouvered me a couple of times and hit first and got some charges, but in the end I made my numbers count. I send my beast and hard units to his flank and showered the others with arrows. Hach, da plan worked! Slowly Barts dwarven line was melting away, his Elven cavalry attack rode into doom, and then I killed Galadriel (ups, pardon moi, I know, very politically incorrect, but I didn't hit her, the arrows of my horde just did it), end of movie, credits start to run, no happy end (at least not for Celeborn for a while) as we run out of time, but Bart conceded defeat, so I had also demoralised his fighting spirit ... total victory on every level - I imitated a cinematic evile laugh ...

Then Alisdair apologised for underestimating the power of the horde and the set up of an unbalanced scenario ... ts, ts, ts, puny humans always get so easily emotionally unbalanced. Me though had a marvelous evening, and enjoyed killing good ones ... Yours, sincerely evil Captn Bad!

P.S. and at home I finished a late project ...

Thats me, the Vice-Chancelor of Minas Morgul with a cool move pointing at all he wants to be dead

Thats my horde plus the 20p coin is the center of the lidless Eye!!!

On the hill for now the elves and stunties (dwarves) and Galadriel

My deathknights and trolls advance to crush the puny humanoids

Then my death knights collide with the elven guard, me again pointing towards victims
while my goblin warge riders crush small dwarves!

Elves look good, even better when dying

the pointing-towards-victims-move did work!

a few stunties less to worry 

even the hands of the dwarf gods cannot prevent a few additional pages in the book of grudge

Thats my ever firing gogoroth horde - did I mention, I like hordes? 

short attacks followed by feigned retreats and then a shower of arrows

my small hordes surrounding the allies

my warg riders behind the lines 

the death knights sourounding the dwarves

Galadriel the sexy beast throws herself into battle wow! 
... just to get shot down - Galadriel no more!

Oh, may I introduce my 2 new friends: 6x4Eins and 6x4Zwei

together they are even better


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Michal, yep Alisdair has a large LOTR collection.

  2. Are you going to add some mats or are you going to flock tables?

    1. Flock the tables??? Why would I be doing that???

    2. Cloth it will be. Ordered already. :)

  3. Great looking game, lovely figures, good and bad!
    The boards look good,what are they , plywood,12mm( 1/2")? Not framed? Do you have a way of fixing them together? I am interested as I want to do the same at the moment I have a 6'x4'framed hardboard but it's warping a bit and I need another so I am looking for inspiration!
    Best Iain