Sunday, 12 May 2019

1781 the slaughter at Villeneuve - AWI

Last Thursday we re-vamped the 28mm AWI mini campaign with the help pf "Eve of Battle".

Bart (the French-American) would have a river on his side and a BUA in front of his nose, a scouting unit and a fortified position (12") and the 1st turn, while Alisdair (the British) had a surprise attack (25% of the deploy can attack from the flanking table sides).

Bart got really quick into the heavy positions (the BUA and the fence plus his fortified position), before Alisdair could come in and make any real surprises! But he choose the Grenadiers to do so behind the enemy lines on the right flank behind the river. Bart just opposed him with his wavering Militia and a Continental Army regiment.

Alisdair had a unthankful task, but if his Grenadiers could kill one unit, especially the wavering Militia (or drive off field), he could retreat and play on time. Unfortunately in the ensueing fire fight he rolled two times so bad that, with some french help Bart was able to kill of Alisdairs best unit.

Now he really had to do what Bart would like best, attacking his fortified positions. Brigade-Gen. Alistair MacWatson did the heroic and nearly softened the Continentals in the house to breaking point, but they just hold! Then the French line came on the flank and brutally ended the combat and indeed the battle with a killer enfilade. Alisdair conceded defeat and Bart leads now the competition with 3 glory points (hey! its just the start!) ... next time Peter (the Hessian) must defend the King vs Mike and his Americans ... watch this space!

The British choose to come in march column ...

While The French-American had the first turn and were already in good position 
The little Hamlet was built up to a fortress

Then the Crown forces arrived in the second turn at the fences 

Basic position plus the surprise attack of the Grenadiers 
Shoot the rabble off the field!

But the rabble outnumber the Grenadiers .... 
Meanwhile the French allies hold their positions easily

Wave after wave is repelled in deadly volleys

Where  another British Line tries to outflank the hamlet 
Again fierce fire fighting, and the Grenadiers last stand

and the flank peppered by redcoats 
But the fire fights have one downside

The Rebels are in the better position

A house as good as new, aka Villeneuve ... 

The last ditch attack against the walls and the house

The British are inside the "garden"
But the French come in with a killer flank attack 
After this failed combat The British officer ceded defeat and the French American won the day!
Brig.-Gen. Bartholome d'Affrontal wins 3 glory points!!


  1. It was great game. The God of Dice was on my side that evening!

    1. Well, not only the god of dice but the godess of the cards (fortuna)!! You had a good set of cards at "Eve of Battle"... Alisdair had not an easy task.

  2. What a fantastic looking battle!

  3. Great looking game, splendid armies!

  4. Great looking game, lovely troops and terrain!
    Best Iain

    1. Thank you Iain! Will do more AWI ... :)