Thursday, 23 May 2019

Absolutely nothing's new on the western front

Hello! This Tuesday (Thursday polling - club was closed), we decided to go Great with 28mm First World War with a muddle of rules (Chain of command mixed with Through the Mud and the Blood - or simply Muddy CoC). The British, after extensive barrages, got into the first German trench line, A platoon of veterans trying to survive until the rescue would come, played by Peter. While Alisdair played the German platoon who supposed to help a platoon of stormtroopers (played by Bart) to get back what belonged to the kaiser, at least in his point of view.

The tanks were bombed out the barrages otherwise occupied, we just wanted to see what two platoons vs one plus a HMG would do. Aand the stormtroopers had a flamethrower ...

Well turns out it was probably too advanced towards the end of the war, as both players were reluctant to risk an all out attack at the same time and after some honorable advances and fire fights and losses it ended pretty much as a draw.

Still I had fun, but I would like to have seen more slaughter. Next time we will just do 1 or 2 set off points in the trenches and two to advance/fight out ... and we will incorporate some tanks ... without the german rabble seems too frightened to get over the papermachee top ....

Below some pictures from our Kaiserlichen Kriegsbericherstatter sampled photographs, achieved and shot under extreme conditions and danger of life.

The Initial set up

Stormtrooper before the storm

Normal Germans on their way to the slaughter 
Massed infantry before the storming attack

The trench packed with Brits

Ready to defend the new captured trench

To kill as many huns as possible 
While these huns "approach"

until the end of the foremost post

Meanwhile the stormtroopers

storming in their trenches

and firing with rifles at the enemy

The Brits get hurt but not too much 
Crucially not the heavy machine gun

and their supporting mates

they even fire their mad minutes

But the Germans somehow 
are stuck in their trenches

The British officer reading the news

while the storm troopers attack via the connection trench

but everybody get shot who sticks out their noses

The British line seems impenetrable 
Then in the last hour all advance - Attack!

Even the stormtroopers get near to melee with a British unit 
But in the end ... nothings new on the western front.


  1. What a marvelous and atmospheric table, I'm jealous!!

    1. Thank you very much, Phil! That is very reasonable, and I‘m thankful that the club has these boards, indeed. :)

  2. Great looking table and appropriate kind of result?
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain, yes true, but there were too many alive at the end for my taste ... I know that sounds terrible... maybe next time ... Renaissance has btw also sometimes horrific casualty rates (for their time) ... which sounds terrible as well ... maybe I like sending tin miniatures into their doom.