Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Franco Prussian War rule testing " Second Empire"

Hello, this time of the year we decided to play FPW, 10mm using this time a derivate of my "Seven Years" rules, I will call it "Second Empire". Same game engine, no reloading (obviously) and more brutal shooting phases, different distances, for guns and rifles, aaaand instead of a unit being made less responsive due to re-loading we just inverted this to "being prone". i.e. each unit being hit by someone (successfully, that means the "attacker" hit the unit, regardless of the saves following) is "prone", artillery would loose an action/or a shot, while Infantry would be prone, down in the grass, harder to hit, but more vulnerable to charges (1st round) and would loose half of the movement getting out of it.

Bart would play the French and Mike assisted to play the Prussians with me. We gave the Prussians 2  permanent staff officer and a better chance to generate them. I just quickly deployed both armies, the Prussians in position, the French a bit lagging but they had the guard in petto.

The command phase worked well, the French had issues, then the Krupp artillery began their pepperment of the Gauls. At the end, we even had some melees! Cavalry attacks were not to be advised, even if the defender had a bad luck dice day!

For the 1st time it work relatively well the distances in relation to each other are perfect, they just need a bit adjusting to 10mm (I just used cm instead of inches, I will give them +20% ...)

Most importantly the new "prone" rule worked and gave the whole thing a FPW feel to it. Some of the specialities can be worked out more, but that wasn't the aim of the game today. Bart had also some input ... so watch this space ...

P-S- the doormats as woods worked very well for 10mm, I guess I will hunt some door mats ...

Initial set up

the guard is coming up

The Prussian Cavalry comes in as well

The French advance in March column 
The Prussians advance slowly

The Krupps in "stellung"

The French withdraw a bit

the guard tries a flanking maneouvre

but the bearskins align to attack

All French are in line

The Prussians are in shooting range but too late 
not enough time to soften the French up

Forward! to the Arch enemy!

... but the Krupps fail to impress 
and the Guard cavalry can finish their tactical move

sending in the light Hussars

clashing with Prussian Dragoons

The Cavalry zoomes in for a cavalry clash

But then the Infantry formes a defending line


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks you, Michal! Yep need more French infantry!

  2. A great looking FPW game, a lovely period to play...

    1. Thank you Phil! Yep, I think/hope I will play more of this ....

  3. What a lovely looking battle! Will the doormats go green? Or is it always autumn?
    Best Iain

    1. Yes, Thanks, Iain! well, No, as these doormats fragments belong to the club, but once time and money allows I will buy one or two and cut and spray them ...