Thursday, 6 June 2013

Continuing Blunders at Hot Barrel‘s Bush

'His aide de camp must be writing in greek, Lord Paul fumed, so many misunderstandings in one battle... or worse he was a Rebel spy!!!  His only chance would be an all out attack, while his battered troops had left some sort of stamina in them. He ordered the signals: and the Grenadiers went forward, the 64th, the Hessians and the Light Infantry... the LI moved in the opposite direction? He came immediately to the conclusion he would have this Aide shot,no, he would do it himself, once the the rider came back... or no, he pulled the reigns of his horse and galloped in the direction of where rider had vanished, blade drawn.'

We continued the battle from last week (BlackPowder), and after some logistical quarrels were able to reconstruct the positions exactly.

It was the British first turn and their centre was still in a somewhat unformed state, their troops, just with fading spirits, getting mauled by the American as the day grew longer.

Pauls only chance was an all out attack and he did. The American cavalry got defeated and nearly went off the table. The French kept firing for their lives, as the British grenadiers went close in and wiped them away. What started so well in the beginning went sour at the end of the turn. Another British line was repelled and – guess what, the British LI, Paul‘s last hope to unlock the American ‘wooden fortress‘ at Barrels Bush failed in another disastrous blunder – a double retreat. The tide has turned.

As most of the American kept their line and shot and decimated, what was left from the Redcoat attack; the Indians shot at the Royal Artillery while the Rangers went out of the woods to finish them off. The Hessians retreated and the rest of the British Army was in the centre field in no state to relaunch the attack. Nearly half of the British were destroyed and out of humanitarian reasons (the generals were thirsty) we called the battle off – the Americans clearly won the day.

The second British Attack on Barrels Bush ends with a blunder

British all out attack

While the British center tries to reform

The heavily mauled Grenadiers avoid the American Artillery

The fight at the American barricade

After the last British attack had failed

The American shoot back

The American Artillery aiming for the Hessian

After the end of the day, the tory farmer wasn‘t the only one with the ‘Lampe an'...

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