Saturday, 22 June 2013

Eve of Battle

Umpire? Umpire? An extra who carries the figures, makes sure the whole is nicely balanced (or unbalanced) and is here to interpret rules disputes ... naaah!
It‘s time to make war games table top battles sexy again!

I often wondered why on earth replaying the same historic battle over and over again? Wouldn‘t that be a bore? But we shun fantasy battles, of course, rally to the history books, I can hear them say. But the indisputable truth of the fantasy games is that you can make your own scenarios. And there is the trick, often the battle is half fought just by deployment. If you want to ‘slip‘ into the boots of the generals of former times, what‘s missing is the pondering over battle maps, waiting for  aide-de-camps to come in with bad or good news like, ‘Sir, Monsieur Blücher sends message, he won‘t make it today!

The pre-battle is important too. Of course we don‘t want to make ardous administration to a hobby past time. How many troops are you able to concentrate at the right spot at the right time? Are all the scouts out? What about ammunition, morale, health and other condition the troops could be in? What about the weather? Or battlefield itself? Did you managed to press those bloody rebels into the open to finally crush them or have they lured you again deep into the woods, were your redcoats are fine shooting targets?

So I developed a card game, 10-45-minutes to play, to compress these features into a competitive game for the better (or not) Battle conditions: Eve Of Battle. The design is underway ...

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