Saturday, 28 September 2013

The Germans are coming!

Two posts for the price of one!! No three actually! 

While the fields of the SESWC lay undefended (apart from Jack‘s Florentine Battalion) against any Imperial German Invasion, I tried to strengthen my Maximilian contingent to built up an army (I use this word here wrongly).

Here we can see the Guard of the Kaiser, maybe Doppelsöldner in white and yellow with red caps, probably led by Mr. Frundsberg, which I envisioned on horse.

And at last the gentle beginnings of my German Heavy Cavalry, the quite not so pendant to the Gendarmes d‘Ordonnance...

The Guard of the Kaiser

The Schultheiss  executing his 'verdict'

Sir Frundsberg

Baron von Göden (exchanged the eagle head for a more easy to paint lion)

And Introducing Graf von Edelstetten ...

all from an austrian heraldry codex, where I took some liberty in the designs

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