Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Von Donop Generator!

Yeah you !
Sweet sensation of a nation
Oh, my soul
You‘re a perfect creation
You‘re my tin-lead mix babies
And I‘m cryin‘ for you
My heart beats faster, hrrrr
Yea hey, and I‘m overpowered ... ( freely quoted after and to to the music of ‘The Cult‘ - ‚Wild Flower‘)

... just finished another Hessian Regiment, Perry miniatures, and Yes, I  feel just fine!

And now for the pickets:

The Regiment arrived in America on 12th of August on 1776. It  participated in the Battle of Long Island sending out patrols that captured 80 Rebels. Next, the regiment was sent over to Manhatten and was present at the storming of Fort Washington, providing 50 men for part the "Forlorn Hope" that preceded the main assault. After this, the regiment remained in New York City  as detachment for rest of the year.

The regiment was then included in the expedition to Philadelphia, participating in the Battles of the Brandywine and Germantown. Only the Grenadiers were present as part of the Grenadier Battalion Lengerke at the failed storming of Ft. Mercer. (Red Bank, NJ). The regiment itself remained in garrison in Philadelphia for the remainder of the year until General Clinton ordered its evacuation in May.

The regiment was part of General Knyphausen's division that was present but did not see action at the battle of Monmouth. Over 20 men deserted from the regiment on the march through New Jersey in June. This was almost a third of the entire number of men that deserted from the regiment during the entire war. The regiment returned to and garrisoned New York City for the remainder of the year, participating on an foraging expedition to Philips Manor in September... chrrrr zzzhh!

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