Saturday, 14 December 2013

Eve of Battle goes publish! In approx 10 days!

As my proposal won‘t slip out of my hands into my keyboard so easily as I thought it would ... so:

I thought I could publish this on some game/card game producer/distributor in the meantime.

Game crafter seems to be a good choice to me. An American company who is feeding on a whole game geeks culture over there.

They are all based on the same system. You pay for the production costs, which are print-on-demand (cheaper than litho but still more expensive than your little jet p.... print desk top box), but still therefore if you purchase only one item you'll have to pay for this. And they are all overseas for a reason (minimum wage and greater distribution costs).

Secondly you'll have to pay for the price of half circumventing the globe (if you are living here in the UK) which is nearly the price of the whole product. That seems on the first sight unfair, but I just won't collect multiple requests and then do a bulk order, just as nobody would. Point is precisely to leave that with the company - distributional headaches.

Unless somebody makes a start with a similar gigantic minimum wage company here (which would, I think, affect greatly my profession here $§&%&/()=)!!) -  you‘ll have to pay a connosoir price for this item for now until I find a suitable games company who are interested in this.

Yours affectionally,


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