Saturday, 7 December 2013

Battle at the Old Fort

"Sir, we got message from the vanguard of the Grenadiers, who should have taken the old fort at the road on their reconaissance mission. They stumbled upon a massive Rebel contingent, even some rumours that they have French allied units with them!"

"Tell them to stay put, we will come to their aid as fast as possible ..."

This battle started slowly off! With the heavy snow rule and the most of the terrain woods it was no wonder. My (very gamey!) hope was that the hill would be in middle of the field and my Grenadiers could claim it as scouts - but oh cruel dice! It would have been the shortest battle ever, now I fear it will be the longest.

My Grenadiers got mauled by the rebel guns and had to retreat behind the Line to get rallied. The Hessians didn‘t move for 3 turns! The American got into VERY strong positions behind barricades before the hill, the French at last come and join them. One American Gun and the riflemen are out of powder. Yep. thats it.

The Grenadiers taking the hits by the Rebel artillery

The Guard retreats to lick their wounds

The untested British Line out of shooting range

The static Hessian Brigade

The American taking the hill

The Battlefield once we stopped ...

Battle map so far...

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