Saturday, 30 November 2013

Next Battle (Thursday 05/12/13 - Announcement!!!)

I must say that after the last battle, I knew it would a lot harder (as for obvious reasons, I put a little pressure on the loosing party in the campaign rules; one commander -1 staff rating and one line unit off the 'rump' army, while the for the victorious it had the opposite effect, rating increased and one unit more.) Btw, Paul, you had chosen Militia last time, which isn‘t exactly Line, but for nothing in my life I would re-fight the last battle - I would have lost even against just two artillery feebler, q.e.d..

..but this time it will be something special, Ladies and Gentlemen!

We will fight... the snow! - after the flakes have settled down, OK shooting is possible, but still in the cold so movement is halved. Brrr!

...and in the woods! (75% Wood coverage) - that means a very slow battle! as its in the woods movement is halved (again!).

...and on the hills! - also Paul had enough cards to pull an strategic objective - the strategic hill (now known as the strategic strategic hill!!), which means he looses the battle only if I manage to get one foot on the hill, or he wins while I loose my units trying to do so.

...and maybe without powder - Paul is running out on the black stuff! (1 in 6), hhmmmm - akward, thats the only thing that gives me hope right now!!

... and we shall never surrender. Well, I would‘nt exactly bet on that.

12 British units against 13 American...

Funnily both have 2 artillery and 1 Dragoon guards - they must battle on the small space around the road as they do not travel inside woods!!!

... so its all open. Or better on the contrary.

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