Monday, 4 November 2013

Mehr Landsknechte – and keep coming ...

After I survived my birthday and the following party, rebuilt my flat, and exchanged my liver for something softer (stone??) – I started to paint again ... 

another light gun (Spanish, a bit late for Maximillian and Carl, but hey) 

and 16 more Landsknechte, Perry/ Foundry again 

and my first Chevaux Leger, which I imagine a bit more maybe like Coustilliers - so I will give some men-at-arms a crossbow and the rest will have lances (so I can use the lancer for both later)...

The other famous German mercenary captain from the last post was of course Franz von Sickingen; (the five white circles on black with red frame), but hey, he wasn‘t probably never mentioned in Wargames Illustrated ;)

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