Friday, 15 November 2013

The Battle of Lonely Hill

"What plan? I got no plan! I just try to stay put and hope the Redcoats make a mistake! They won't go on their own accord, wouldn‘t they ...  wtf{∑€†Ω¨⁄øå‚∂ƒ!! ...  tell the Gunner to move!!! -  hiding behind the Line won‘t do  ... I hope those Indians won‘t run again ... where are the French for that matter...  no, no, don‘t write that down! Get the depeche to the French Brigadier, but be quick about it!!!" the American General had not finished his sentence, as the next courier stormed in and told that the British were over the little river ...

The 3rd Battle of the campaign had begun, the set up was pretty precarious for the American player, Paul, and he had to win. (see

In my humble opinion, Pauls only chance was to disrupt my advance (with 2 units delayed for 2 turns that were in the realm of the possible) and wait for a blunder or a tactical foix pas and then strike hard and fast, only to retreat and rally to soften me up and hope to win.

In the first turn I did blunder with my light infantry (who was guard as well), he delayed my other two Guard regiments and I carelessly advanced and attacked with the left flank his French untested who turned into 4 stamina!!!

Somehow he didn‘t capitalise on this. I reached the river and my fortifications, my advancing Lines got mauled, but refused to break. Just one Line was properly slaughtered (-5 break test and rolled a 5). At the end the left flank was run into a deadlock - both Line and the Grande French Line fought to a draw both shaken and both not pushed from the field. The Hessians advanced, got pushed back and the second French untested turned into stamina 1!!! Something which I in my turn failed to capitalise on.

And to be totally patronizing, Paul did well, I thought, for open ground, his line is still intact even if shaken.

Next week we will continue ...

After deployment

The British line

The American line

After the LI reached their target

The carelessly advancing after a sudden flank attack

The American guns behind their lines

The Lonely Hill faces the Hessian attack

The epic battle of the Grand Soixonans against a British Line

I guess it was the 23rd ... with the stolen flag of the 15th (?)...

The Battle field after we stopped.

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