Saturday, 23 November 2013

The Battle of Lonely Hill (Finale)

"Sir, we can‘t attack with our Grenadiers they are beaten and exhausted! No, Sir, the Light Infantry Guard does not exist anymore. Errm, No, the Hessians won't be of much help either. I'm afraid  they are not gone home, they are dead, scattered around that damn hill. Yes, beaten by the Rebels Artillery. Must be some new form of weapon they have. If I dare to mention, it would be wise to offer terms now, as we are  out numbered and ... Sir, Please dismount! Why, do you raise the ..." and with one stroke the British Aide-de-corps fell to the ground. 

That was a battle of a different kind! As mentioned earlier (see
 the situation of the Americans was more than peculiar. All their troops were exhausted and could break any minute. I enfiladed his advanced American Guard corps and annihilated it with a bayonet charge! In fact I charged and charged again and in turn annihilated most of his army - the only problem was the American did the same as the condition of  my troops wasn‘t even better.

The complete Hessian centre was soft, but charged against Artillery, twice and was beaten TWICE!! I lost two line against Artillery. The performance of the troops was out standing, the LI even got behind enemy lines into the back. But to no avail, as the front, the Hessians, at this moment ceased to exist.

It was the most bloodiest battle I ever fought against Paul. In the field 11 units marched onto that hill on both sides. At the end the British surrendered with 3 units to 5 Americans!

I did two mistakes: First - my dice rolls were absolute crap! Yeah, we all heard that before, but successful cohesive movement teamed with overwhelming charges really do win battles!! Second -  and that was one of my own making - I wanted to win the battle, now! Not later, not next turn, not next week again, so did not hesitate to sent all my units bit by bit against and shaken but resolved enemy, with fatal consequences. Never underestimate 'finishing moves‘!

All the way through the battle it was great fun and tense as a thriller as the luck and fate seem to change every turn in favourite for the other.

Well done Paul that was a victory well deserved!

The fierce French
The folly Hessians

The brave British

The famous Rebel Artillery

A distinctive moment in the Hessian regimental history to become ...

The Light Guard behind enemy lines!!

More possibilities ...

A battle line dissolved

The last act - the General surrenders


  1. Beautiful pictures and minis...and a great blog too!

    1. Thanks Phil, will try to keep up the good stuff!