Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Battle of Lonely Hill(?) - 3rd Campaign battle / pre-settings for next Thursday

"This rustics are so inept, it nearly takes the honour out of victory."... (British Celluloid General)

The Americans have lost the two previous battles, the British (me) can afford to loose this Battle. For the Americans it would be good to have a victory to break the British run and to collect victory points urgently needed. Also the winner of this battle gets free fortifications (12") next time and there is no +- 25% woodland bonus/malus. If the Americans win the British would have a hard time next.

Its open ground, a no-so-goody for the Americans and as they have lost prev., they have one commander at staff rating -1 and one unit less (Paul already decided it would be a militia unit!!!).

Paul has one 'strategic hill' (-1 movement, -1 to hit on hand to hand combat for units not on the hill), a scouting unit and he can delay 2 of my units for two turns.

I got 24" barricades/fortifications, I can delay 1 unit of Americans 1 turn, but it is Paul‘s choice which.

As auxiliaries the British have 3 Hessian units, while the Americans just have 2 French. Both have 3 'untested' Infantry units. Also both have 1 Dragoon unit each. The American have 1 upgrade to an elite unit while the British have 2 (additional to their regular Grenadier unit).

Its clear weather and a clear field, one road and a small 'rivulet' which has no effect (I luckily was able to cancel the big river card from Paul).

I started the battle, so I got the 1st deployment and the 1st turn.

May the most ignorant win!

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