Thursday, 17 July 2014

Hey, they turned my salijuq riders into kebab!

We alla had a formidable evening playing a little crusader game with piquet rules (set up by Paul (the Irish)). Jim, Paul and Andrew, played the muslim/arab side. Me (the salijuq traitor) sided with the frankish cannibals (ref. Ma'arra) Jack and another SESWC member, Ian.

This was the first time I actually played piquet rules AND we were following some sort of tactic (oblique order in this case).

An tremendous applause to Jims arabian figures (Perry mix plus other manufacturers) which were impressively well painted. Which let us all tremble in anticipation on his French Gen d‘Armes minis, IF he paints them and shows up in time that is... Aaand of course the fabulously painted crusader minis from Jack (we didn't expect anything less, of course).

Deus ne vult, so the battle started slowly, my whirlwind  formations of light cavalry been swept away, the rest of the army made slow progress.
Then my medium salijuqs blocked the arab ghulams (due to Jims infidel dice rolling)!
But also the brute franks on the right wing didn‘t make the progress we prayed for, so it ended in a draw kind of, if we had only one turn more ...

For a more detailed battle rap, please visit Jacks blog:

The battle lines close in

My left wing of salijuqs gets beaten...

... the Jims heavy cavalry closes in ...

... but that‘s it. haha!

The right wing of the franks, to slow and cumbersome...

... that they get counter charged.

... but they can fight for ten those franks!

Gods hand is pointing to the direction to advance! 
After that the infidels are demoralised

Finally the Muslim heavy cavalry cannot beat Muslim Cavalry!


  1. You forgot the amazing German luck when fighting Jim's elite cavalry.
    Andrew commanded the Arab left while Ian commanded the Military Orders on our right.

    1. Yes, my luck was also Jim‘s demise. And the fact his best troops were pocketed away for so long. In case of continuation I would think the battle line would have made 90 degree turn, with our side having the punchier forces in front of their weak infantry.