Friday, 25 July 2014

The Imperialists are going in for the coins!

It was a test game of some sort, I wanted to test new rules (I shall call them "Paymaster" for now), and thankfully Bart and Campbell chimed in and soon Donald and Tim followed, revigourating our Pike&Shotte skills. The set up was simple, two little armies with two pike blocks and some horse and ordonnance – boom! Tim served under Bart the "French" Marishall, and Campbell signed in for cash to aid the "German" Loctenent Donald.

I read lately some Landsknechts stories and ALL they were thinking and breathing was money! I wanted to include this onto the table top somehow. Paymaster gives every army/unit some cash relating to their unit points (latent, just on the lists). On top of that the Chiefs have some additional cash they can   "bribe" any unit that is near enough, AND has to test morale (and of course a "line of units" to the main camp/where the cash is, needs to be established). But if you bribe too high, the beaten mercenaries just simply go home with their cash – long live the plunder). Its as simple as that, its puts the money onto the table and makes it a strategic issue.

Donald started the war, with a stout cavalry attack, all out, onto the feared French gendarmes. Tim had orders simply not to move, hrm-hrm. After some clashes and counter charges, the french gendarmes and their allies were finally beaten. The Swiss pike were the only one who were able to halt the Imperial storm. Bart consolidated with some men-at-arms to help Tims flank.

Then Campbell closed in on the other flank ready for the kill. Again after some horse and counter tactics – the inevitable happened, the Swiss got charged by the Landsknechts, and the oh-so bad war! (useful rule P&S), made sure that it was a massacre. After that the French grabbed what they could get and fled, leaving about 160 crowns to the victorious Landsknechte.

(3 possibilities were there to actually "bribe" some beaten units, but the other factors weren‘t met – so more testing to follow, watch this space).

I have to thank all involved, and we surely get in for the cash and the clash again soon!

More images and a precise battle rap also on Barts blog:

the Imperial army list

The French army list

The Imperial Knights

The Cavalry wings are clashing into each other

The French Gendarmes d‘Ordonnance getting surrounded

 the Swiss block saves the failing flank

The German Landsknechte advancing

The French General issues orders hectically

but Campbell is aiming for the other Swiss block

The French still waiting
reshuffle and reorganisation in the French camp

but then the Landsknechts charge into the Swiss – Bad War!

The Swiss disintegrate and the battle is over

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