Friday, 31 July 2015

The Roles are cast

The AWI Campaign -  The Gentlemen agreed on their roles and have been briefed!

As I haven't heard from Paul and Matt, and I needed two players on both sides, who could commit fairly regularly and aren't too distracted by families or relatives or other lesser evils.

So Jack agreed on being Mr Washington, as American CinC! Hey! Applause!

Jim took General Lee and for the handicap of it, I jumped in for the Americans as Mr. Greene (we will see if that is to their benefit...).

Bart will be Sir Lord Howe the British CinC,  assisted by more or less by Angus as Monsieur Grant and Campbell as General Clinton (don't know why he didn't stuck with Cornwallis, his 1st choice, but hey!).

So we have now 3 players at each side, everyone's got a short character briefing, staff rating and as well a secret briefing! The characters will become important AFTER White Plains, when the CinCs will divide the forces between themselves and their subordinates as they see fit, and of course will come up with a grand startegy, haha.

The jist is that the overall commanders can also become "sub-ordinates" at the battles of their former subordinates. As all commanders (and subs) are being played and moved by the rules of the"La Petite Guerre", the 6 characters are on the other hand  fairly "free" in their decisions!!

The 1st Battle will be the famous White Plains to be played at a Sunday the 16th of August. As something un forseen happened (all the time at bigger battles) Jack rolled bad, so the Americans won't decide freely upon the location of the fences on Chatterton hill alone ...

More to come..



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