Sunday, 23 August 2015

Redcoats again, French-Indian style!

Last Thursday I was invited to join in a little bit of "Muskest and Tomahawks" with Cambell, Tim and Angus. As everybody was too polite to pick a side, I picked the Brits, Campbell and Tim the French and Angus the umpired (an oxymoron, if there is one) a bit and moved the British allied forces, some skirt waving Highlanders of some sorts.

The plot was easy the Indians and the French were to destroy the village and its vigil inhabitants, and we had to save them. We also get some side plots, mine was that my officer hated the unit he was leading and win the plot, if they get destroyed - almost Wagnerian.

The first round the Canadians and Indians advanced and set three of the four village building a blaze, not without some tough resistance, the officer from Campbell's French regulars was beaten up, and killed in the process, by a female towns person and her off-spring. You don't mess with those Arcadians!

Tim, in the meantime tried to outflank my British Light Infantry (regulars) and some of the "last Mohicans". His Indians had to cross a tiny rivulet, which presented for me an opening enough to open fire on them, blasting them back to where they had learned those simple battle antics from the elder women folk of the settlements, I presume.

While the Highlanders under Angus made progress on the left, I let my Redcoats form a line and ... blasted everything away that was in our path. With a bit of collateral damage aside, we saved most of the inhabitants of the hamlet in an humanitarian effort. We put the village under royal rule again and followed up to sweep up the fleeing aggressors.


The figures and some of the terrain was contributed by Angus.

The Hamlet

The British are arriving, all will be sorted!

The Highlanders are hopping through the heather.

Typical wargamer expression

The French officer about to be killed by womenfolk of the village

The French aggressors trying to burn the church 
The Redcoats form a line ...

... and firing volley after volley ...

... into the what was left ...
... and another volley for good measure.


  1. A splendid table, beautiful photos and always!

    1. Thanks Phil, I guess most of Angus troops are Dixon's - I find them a bit obese, but I've been told off for that. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Rodger! A handful of nice table embellishments going a long way, all Angus's stuff, I guess.