Thursday, 4 February 2016

1918 Operation Michael at the turning point

Campbell and myself had the irritating idea to try out WW1 with (amended) Black Powder rules, hahaha! (You can hear the cries of Orthodoxy in the background) And I was quite surprised! We took some inspiration from the Warlord forum and added some other national flavourings from other rules!

For the lack of troops and scenario, my Germans were outnumbered and had therefore to defend the village against the reclaiming French - lets say in on the turning point of the Kaiserschlacht, just when the Germans went out of supplies. A final AV7 with two stormtrooper platoons was all that Willy could muster for the defenders of the occupied hamlet. While Campbell throw nearly every thing he had at me.

In the beginning the French had some difficulties to move towards me and the fire fight exchange went on,  but I could not break the French, as we gave them better rally ablitities (maybe we have to re-define that, as it was too easy). HMG were 1d6+3 additional hits and LMG just 1d6. Tanks could only move at Infantry speed and blow up at 2 in6 one hits from guns (1in6 from grenades), which then Lotti unfortunately did.

On the right flank Campbell let his French Uhlans (??) attack and my HMG didn't kill them - hm maybe we will (increase the firepower a bit more still...). So my flank was broken and I would have lost the battle/Village. All in all it was tremendously thrilling, I forgot to take pictures of the end. And with a little bit of tampering, one can really play WW1 even later in the war!

One get more units to move and to destroy! What else needs a good game?

The village of "Prune sur la Fourche"had to be defended at all cost!

The swarming Pilou‘s are coming in!

Our only hope: Lotti!

The central defense around the main ... etablisment

The French advance the German fire is failing ...

No its not the same image the French blundered and came back ...

under heavy German fire two platoons die

... But in the end who can stop the masses?


  1. Prune sur la Fourche is a lovely village...and these armies are fantastic, as are the vehicles...

    1. Thank you Phil! I hope I can stretch my WW1 contingent a bit more.

  2. It was great fun. Jack's face was a picture when he realised it was black powder. And it works rather well. More tweaks and it'll be fine.

    1. Yeah! One can play ANYTHING! The rest is just down to a compromise between preference and accuracy.
      P.S. I‘ve contacted a battle map producer in Lithuania ...