Friday, 19 February 2016

August 1870 Fire over Furyingen 10mm shortly after Elsaß-Lothringen

This is the first dash of our 10mm armies into the Franco-Prussian War and our testing of the Fire and Fury rules with FPW add-ons!

In short of a historical scenario or any imaginative ideas, Angus just embellished the table quite nicely with 6mm buildings and some old rubber roads that looked like some bacon from an third class B&B in Soho.

The few French were led by Jack and Peter and allowed to deploy first on the hills. The Prussians played by Sandy, Jim, Angus and me, would have to come onto the table corps by corps - already under French fire.

Immediately Sandy and Jim attacked frontal, Prussian style, although I heard they fought otherwise. And Rightly so Jack dampened our glee with lots of shots and artillery. Sandy and Jim never got near enough to the Chassepots. Later on Sandy started to moan about that, Wurtemberger style.
While on our right, Jim and Angus actually followed what was written in the military books and softened the French flank under Peter‘s command.

And then came the cavalry, the "Death ride" division, was flying on the field, ready to reap what was left of the Krupp guns. Along the way I lost a few brigades, due to miss-interpretations of my commands or lack of knowledge of the rules. But enough Hussars reached the French line who were badly beaten up. And allthough the closing in fire was hurting - we managed to swipe them off the field.
Everybody congratulated Jack and Peter to a gallant French defense, it was a fantastic game!!
But I think the following cavalry brigades would have swept away the morally beaten French.

Elsaß-Lothringen is finally freed from 250 years French occupation and we all agreed that cavalry attacks are THE next thing to come, for future conflicts, nearly unbeatable ... a must have ...

Terrain: Angus and SESWC
Miniatures: all Pendraken 10mm, from Angus, Jack, Sandy and mine.
Angus‘ Rap:

The famous French Peter-ligne

My Cavalry Division waiting, biding their time off field

The Imperial French amuse us with their guns ...

Ville de verrue is captured by Sandy‘s Grenadiers

General Leutnant Baron von Rheinbaben, bitte auf die Bühne!

aaand off the Death ride division goes!

Chassures are holding the centre piece, Chateux de Môle noir

... but Jim‘s and Sandy‘s attack waves are faltering ...
Then the Hussars of the 13th Cav. Brigade are charging, 2nd in line the Brunswickers...
... the French have to give way ...
... but the 13th press on!


  1. Splendid figures and terrain...But the revenge is coming, isn't it?

  2. Thank you, Phil! Ouh, Yes, bien sur, you should have seen Jack‘s face! I think, eveybody just started to paint the Prussians first!

  3. Hi i have shared your work on my 10mm Wargaming page and 10mm Wargaming group

    Take care


  4. Lovely stuff!
    What are the FPW mods you are using please?

    1. Thank you! We used and are still using Fire and Fury rules with some changes towards Furia Francese, but not Blut und Eisen, if that makes sense. :)