Thursday, 22 June 2017

The Battle at Highland Mills with less Black Powder

Rumours were going around at the beginning of Winter 1776, First Gen Washington has beaten and Killed Gen. Howe at The battle at Newark and now General in command of the British troops had withdrawn his troops from the North and landed at Perth Amboy! That seem to be enough for a certain Gen. Lee (played by Jim) to attack the remaining British Brigade before the settlement Highland Mills near West Point. Campbell rolled badly and had to stay 10 turns before he was allowed to with draw. So he decided to play two cards - "Fortified position" giving him approx 12" wall and "Low on ammo" every enemy unit ceases firing after one shot on a 1in6 for the remainder of the battle.

The British deployed first all behind the wall near the table edge ready for exit. Jim darted with his troops as fast as he could and his dire command structure would give (he rolled badly for two commander giving him two brigadiers with a 7 on Staff Rating!

Then Campbell dashed towards two Militias with his best unit and typical (special rule) British bayonett attack  and broke them on first contact! Sadly for Jim he lost also his player character General Lee was  a casualty. Still more Militia advanced Guns started two fire and out went the last powder! No gun and some waivering Militias right in front of the British Line without any ammo!

In the meantime Campbell found or better licked blood of his bajonetts blades and attacked more of the rebels and while still being constantly shaken and attacked he never failed 3 consecutive break tests!

 It was past turn 10 and Campbell could go home with his 3 regiments still intact but Jims position seemed almost ridiculously bad ... he decided to stay.

But then advanced Jim after a lifetime of blunders and failed commands his Continentals forward and a fire fight broke out! He attacked with the 3rd New Yorker the stubborn British Line and finally broke them off the field! then he attacked the wall and broke first the last British line off the field and then destroyed the Ansbacher " Hessian" Mercenaries -  Gen. von Mirbach one of the fallen as well.

The road to the south is closed now for the winter for  British supplies ... a prospect that Gen. Grant won‘t like as he now must move or starve ...

Gen. Washington made a stand at Newark and decided not to retreat! While Gen. Greene seemes to collect troops in the hinterland! If anything is sure the next moves of the British army could make it or break it ... Will there be a second Battle at Newark?

The initial British well fortified position

Farmers Ol‘ Schneiders industrial melting oven

The dashing redcoats advance who would have thought!

and fight off Militias and kill the Commander Lee

More Rebels swarm the field

Hold the line!

The Militias attack

but to no avail

Other Militias press forward!

The professionals behind the fortifications - what could possibly go wrong? 
Slow is the Rebel advance!

The Gun starts firing at the Red line

Meanwhile the other Crown regimen waves off break test after break test!

until the NewYorker Regt. arrive ..

Glistening Bayonets in the sun ...

Turn 10 arrives ... but they fight on!

But then the backlash the first retreat!

Then the New Yorker sent the Redcoats to running for their lives

The last to stay on the field are as ever the "Hessians" ... and yes not for long ..

The Battle at Highland Mills an American victory!

The set up!


  1. Wonderful looking game, impressive pictures and lines of troops...and I love this little light in the house, great addition!

    1. Thanks Phil, will try to keep up the good stuff. :)

  2. Great looking game and figures and the moral of this story is to quit when you're ahead!
    Best Iain

    1. Thank you Iain, and yes agreed, but I rather doubt anyone of the participants of my AWI campaign will ever heed any caution for that matter ...