Friday, 28 September 2018

Half time ....

... of my Ancient Greek project: The Delian/Athenians are almost ready (99%) and the Spartans are beginning to built up. The auxiliary troops, cavalry and the skirmishers are finished ... maybe I do some archers later on, but that would be just two small units a 12 each.

The Greek unit was called Phylei and was made of two lochoi (round 300 hoplites) - so I decided to go for 12 minis a 1 lochos (a nice 1:25 men ratio). The back row on 4x4s and the front on 120 x 60 for more drama ... some slain hoplites and some different stages of phalanx situations. As I came to understand they all fought in this format, just ones more successful, professional and co-ordinated than others. The Phalanx – a fluid thing really, which proposes an issue in game rule terms, as you can only have a bonus or not ...

... at the end some self-made rules for Hail Caesar until I found the ruleset that actually get into the ancient Greek phalanx warfare a bit more in detail ... or I just have to invent them ... :)

The slingers in front of some greek phylei

another one .. recently (nearly) finished

The whole Athenian army with some starters of the Spartan one in front of it ... 
Peltasts for some, for the Spartans just "Helots"

The beginning of a Spartian Lochos - all un-inked and without any decals ...

The famous Spartan bodyguard of the King

same bodyguard from behind ... are rare sight to see ...

In front some Greek Cavalry (the worst in Spartans case)

... and the Thessalonikian straw-hat hippeis ... somewhat different and more effective
... some more peltasts and Athenian phyleis ...

... some more slingers and Athenian phyleis ... 
the persil washed Spartiates before "the big dirt" ...


  1. Nice looking Athenian army,a rapidly expanded force!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain, not rapidly enough for my taste ... :)

  2. Lovely. This week we have SCW, week after is Napoleonic 1812 BP with Bill. So after that my Romans can try your Greek in HC game? Interested?

    1. Yep - was on holiday and strained my right foot (ankle was as big as a grapefruit) ... will take a while, will e-mail you :)