Sunday, 11 August 2019

1669 - Anglo-Dutch Wars Reprise

Campbell wanted to know, he can be quite persistent, in calling people landlubber or at the same time losing his ships against said landlubbers ... Well, 1/600th, Anglo-Dutch wars with "Tiller and Whipstaff" it was again. And not even being in the Dutch team saved Campbell from disaster...

Me and Peter were to play the Brits while Campbell and Bart played the Dutch. The Wind was coming from the port side, Peter and Campbell had a 3rd liner and a Fire ship while me and Bart had a 3rd and a 4th liner.

Bart went straight at me and Campbell as well, while Peter circumvented them incl. fire ship which proved useful later. Bart and Campbell had fun destroying my 4th liner and capturing it in turn, while my 4th liner then made a more permanent denture in their rigging. In The end they were trapped and entangled in a big cluster just in time for Peters fire ship with well a lot of fire on board. It hit and shared the goods and to the delight of the British the whole thing blew off and ignited and sank the captured as well as the captors.

Peter and me we then hunted Barts 4th liner ... until the time went out ... nice game ... even if you are just a landlubber witnessing those sea (rats?) dogs (guinea pigs???) get blown off as they are too slow to dis-entangle ...

P.S. next time it won‘t be Anglo-Dutch Wars - promise!


  1. What a fantastic battle! Ships are amazing!

  2. Thank you, Michal! i will tell Campbell! :)

  3. Lovely looking game and fantastic paper ships!
    Best Iain