Monday, 14 October 2019

1864 - Battle at Cowards Creek or Chicken Run

Last Thursday we opted for Peters 15mm ACW collection and Black Powder 2. Bart set up a re-cycled scenario witha river crossing bang in the middle that was at the same time the objective of forementioned uncrossable floods ... creek. Me playing the Union and the Rebels played by Peter.

As there were some fences that would give a tiny bit of protection, we aimed to "run" to them in a bid to then out shoot the opponent. Peter lost due to shitty command dice and one blunder. But then my strategy (our only two cavalry units were on opposing sides of the river) - to cross the bridge with the cavalry, ended up in my units being repulsed.

Then it was my turn to get the beating. Due to Peter almost super gently laying the dice on the floor (rolling that deserves the term, in my world, involves tumbling, i.e. turning their faces multiple times before the dice stop), but apparently being plagued by an accute onslaught of gamers gout,  still managed to fire the s*** out of my units.

I lost 2 units, and many others them badly mangled. My superior guns managed to blow off one unit of Peters Slave-economists, but in the end I conceded defeat. Still it was entertaining beyond belief, even more so as Bart most of the time managed to be impartial, haha!

The following technicolor photography may illustrate the ferocity of this vulgar display of close combat fatigue (another gamers disease) - enjoy! :)

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